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Who We Are


We Create Events That Lasts

From Wedding Functions to Birthday Parties or Corporate Events to Musical Functions, We offer full range of Events Management Services that scale to your needs & budget.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Planet Jashn arrived in the world of Event Planning and Celebrations, when Theme Parties was an unheard of concept. Our vision has always been directed towards being the top notch, true blue. Theme Party Planners of India who have a thematic concept for each and every celebration that takes place in one’s lifetime.

Our Approach

Our Approach

It has always been our approach to devote the same attention to detail, be it the smallest or the biggest of events. A one time client or a repeat client, everyone gets a similar high level of satisfactionn in terms of service and professionalism. Our customised and personalised A to Z offerings from Invites to Goodbye Gifts ensure that your celebration is one seamless, stunning and successful experience!

Our Goals

Our Goals

Planet Jashn was born with the intention of injecting some fresh flavour into the world of partying and festivities. The creativity & uniqueness of our thematic décor has set a benchmark in the Event world. Our goal is to make Theme parties synonymous with Planet Jashn.

Planet JashnWhy Choose

Why Choose Planet Jashn

Why Planet Jashn should be your preferred choice?

The Master of All

Planet Jashn offers or arranges for you the A to Z of celebratory services, all under one roof. You name it and we have it. We’re your trusted event partners because we take your dreams seriously.

The Theme Party Specialist

Our theme parties are a cut above the rest. We have an endless array of thematic décor and entertainment, catering to each and every celebration of yours. No two celebrations are identical except for the fact that all are equally high on concept, creativity, craftsmanship, customised entertainment and endless revelry.

Events Forever

From Baby Shower to your 100th Birthday, From Valentine’s Day Dinner to your Diamond Wedding Anniversary, From Graduation Day to Retirement Day, From Religious to Patriotic Functions, Planet Jashn is your forever Celebratory partner in all phases, occasions and times of your life. Don’t expect anything less from us, as for us ‘Life Is A Celebration’!
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Planet Jashn Team Members

While they agree to disagree on many things, one thing that they agree upon is appreciating continuous contribution of their team members and craftsmen who make Planet Jashn the success it is!

Mr. Anubhav Aggarwal


One half of the dynamic husband –wife duo, he’s a man on a mission. A go-getter, radiating positivity, he leads from the front and if he had his way, would make celebrations mandatory for everyone. An antithesis of a ‘Baniya’, he believes in delivering King size celebrations to his clients, irrespective of their fee size. His zest, passion and 24×7 availability is why Planet Jashn is every client’s first choice.

Mrs. Anshu Aggarwal


The better half for obvious reasons, she is the Ice in this Fire – Ice combination A full house of talent and creativity, she’s the one who keeps Planet Jashn’s thematic juices flowing. With an unperturbed demeanour, she puts her’ thinking cap’ on and works zealously behind the scenes. Her keen eye for detail ensures that what the client gets is a flawless function.

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