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When wedding bells ring, they do so not for a single day, but for many days, which are spread across a couple of months. The festivities begin from the ring ceremony and conclude with the D-day and in many cases, extend to a reception too. We, as wedding planners like to be associated with you for all your ceremonies. Your ring ceremony or your bachelorette party is as important to us as your wedding. Therefore, we provide a whole gamut of services for all your pre-and post wedding functions, similar to your wedding day requirements, helping you enjoy all your ceremonies to the fullest. The icing on the cake is the thematic set up service that we offer for all your pre wedding ceremonies. So, while your ring ceremony might have ’Love Birds’ as a theme, your sangeet can boast of a ‘Rock and Roll’ theme and Las Vegas’ Casinos may come visiting you at your Bachelor’s party. So, when you want your dream wedding to be a reality, you know Planet Jashn is the place to be at. With us as your planners, the wedding bells will ring loud and clear, and give you abundant reasons to cheer.

Through our Wedding Bells section, we arrange for the following ceremonies and any other event you ask for :

  • Ring ceremony
  • Tilak and Godh
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette party
  • Reception
  • Mehndi
  • Sangeet and Cocktail
  • Wedding Ceremony

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